Q:Hi Folks, first time write in, long time fan, thanks for having me in the questionnaire. What is a preorder?
VnV: It’s when you order it before it comes out.
Q: Gotcha gotcha gotcha…and do I do that because it might sell out?
VnV: It won’t sell out
Q: —oh, but
Vnv: come on now…its a digital download…those things don’t ever sell out.
Q: but then why the pre—
VnV: heck, I don’t know…all the kids are doing it? Its totally weird but that’s what people do. Next question.
Q: Hi gang, Linda from Massachuesetts here…I will take my answer off the air.
VnV: we are not on the air
Q: all the same, can you tell us who recorded the album?
Vnv: we did it ourselves in our rehearsal space. It took quite a while. But we are really happy with it. Then we really lucked out and got Stephen Marcussen to master it for us. Do you know him? He worked on some great albums, Avett Bros, Dawes, Leonard Cohen, The Rolling Stones….hello? Are you still there? Um…next question.
Q: Hi folks, I am so excited for this album. If I want a hard copy, how can I get one.
VnV: come to our shows! That way we can see each others faces and we can sign your thigh or shoulder blade or CD.
Q: Is the album all original tunes?
VnV: almost. We cover a Grace Potter song, Medicine, and a really old song from the 30’s that Peaches sings.
Q: If I send you all some money, can I be a producer?
VnV: no
Q: after the album release show at the Belly Up, do you want to come over our house and party
Vnv: no
Q: But I don’t want the night to end
Vnv: I know. But we’ll be back
Q: do you love me?
Vnv: we love all of all of you.

The Telluride Jazz Festival – August 2017 –   This was one of the most beautiful locations we have ever visited.  The stage faces big beautiful green mountains with fog rolling over the tops.  We played in a ball field and the hearty Coloradians came out in numbers with ponchos and lawn chairs ready for a party.    We took Big Boy and Piggy on this one and Piggy escaped the green room and ran across the stage at the end of our set.  Click on the pic for a great article by Hayden Coplen.    Below with Steve Gumble, master and commander of this and many other great festivals.